Monday, July 20, 2009

More pictures

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Les soeurs

We said "Au revoir " to the sisters of La Cordère. They came to our final VBS program and were delighted to see the work that we did for the children.
Front door of La Cordère, the Catholic Retreat Center. Next door is La Chapelle du Rosaire. This chapel was built and painted by Henri Matisse for this order of Dominicain nuns. He was nursed back to health by one of them and the chapel was his way of saying thanks. He considered it his finest work. We were given a private tour and could walk through it at any time. The stain glass windows are green and blue and the interior is a modern white.
This is the view I saw every day as I left my room at La Cordère. It is a catholic retreat center.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stuck in the Elevator

Well, we had a little adventure two days ago. After arriving back from VBS, Ruthie, Christine, and I decided to go to Monoprix. We got into the elevator on the first floor( which is actually the third when you count the basement and 0 floor) and started it. You know how sometimes you are tempted to jump in the elevator? Well, we did, and it worked really well. Actually the elevator stopped with about half of it in the shaft and about half still in front of the first floor door. First we tried to get the elevator to start again, but that didn't work. Then we pushed the alarm button and tried to use the alarm phone, but to no avail. Then we opened the elevator door and were able to see a little through the cracks of the floor door. The guys' room was just outside the elevator so we started shouting. They came and tried to open the door from the outside, but couldn't so they called a nun. She wasn't happy at all, but had a tool which she was able to use to open the floor door. However, she wouldn't let us get out because if the insurance people saw that someone had tampered with the elevator, they would not be happy, so she called the service people and we waited for about fourty-five minutes. It was quite hot, and there was little air, but we were fine. Finally, the service man arrived and opened the door exactly the way the nun had and we climbed out, just in time for dinner! I'm really greatful to God that he kept us safe and that the elevator stopped near the door because I'm not sure what would have happened otherwise.
Written by Katelyn Mullins

Village of Vence

Here we are standing firm on the Word of God. Yesterday we went for a walk in Vence, a medival village. Behind us is a cathedral with pillars that were put up in 239 AD. We also were able to see other old buildings and sights, such as a place where the villagers would go and wash their laundry together.
Reagan is writing in her journal on the terrace of our house: la Cordiere. It is so important to keep track of our thoughts, feeling, reactions and impressions during this trip. We have seen God work in the lives of the children. We have seen many prayers answered. It has been an encouragement to our faith and we need to document it. We must keep journaling even after we get home because we will experience reverse culture shock.